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50 Days.


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VB .Net Online Training it is a multi-paradigm, high level programming language. and it is implemented on the .NET framework. VB .NET Certification is used to develop desktop application for Window Platform. and it can also use to develop website powered by asp .NET. One of the best things about VB .NET Courses is that it allows VB developers to do things that we couldn’t do before—things like inheritance and structured error handling.

VB.NET Online Training is programming language under ownership of Microsoft which used to develop any application (web application,windows application). A developer who knows programming use it to develop any application as per the requirement of client.Application could be any service, or inventory management, store management, or Big ERP.

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  • Drawbacks of the Existing System
  • Why .NET came into picture
  • Difference between Java and .NET
  • .NET Framework Architecture
  • Versions of .NET Framework
  • Disadvantages of Visual Basic
  • Programming in VB .NET
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Arrays
  • Understanding XML and XML Schemas
  • Using XML with DataSets
  • Using XmlReader and XmlWriter
  • Manipulating XML Data Using XmlDocument
  • Querying XML Data Using XPath
  • Working with XPathDocument
  • Overview of Threading
  • Creating Threads
  • Passing Data to Threads
  • Returning Data from Threads
  • Managing Threads
  • Problems with Threads
  • Synchronizing Threads
  • Debugging Threads
  • Using Async and Await
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Understanding Drivers and Providers
  • ADO .NET Architecture
  • Using OLEDB Providers
  • Data Readers
  • Using Oracle and SQL Server Managed Providers
  • Disconnected Architecture with Data sets
  • Data controls
  • Data Table and Data View difference and usage
  • Invoking Stored Procedures


  • Why Assemblies
  • Disadvantages of Com
  • Architecture of Assemblies
  • Creating Private and Shared Assemblies
  • Deploying Shared Assemblies in GAC
  • Creating and Using them in other applications
  • Defining properties to controls using Property Procedures
  • Defining Events to controls and invoke them
  • Difference between Multitasking and
  • Multithreading
  • Advantages of Multithreading
  • Creating Multiple threads in application
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Difference between Multitasking and
  • Multithreading
  • Advantages of Multithreading
  • Creating Multiple threads in application
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Understanding .NET Collections
  • Ordered vs. Unordered Collections
  • Managing Data with .NET Collections
  • Defining Generic Methods
  • Building and Using Generic Classes
  • Defining Extension Methods
  • ADO.NET Object Model
  • Connected vs. Disconnected Access
  • Working with Data in Databases
  • Calling Stored Procedures
  • Working with Transactions
  • Managing Connection Pooling
  • Using the ADO.NET Provider Factory
  • Working with Untyped DataSets
  • Working with Typed DataSets
  • Managing DataViews
  • Understanding Distributed Architecture
  • Drawbacks of DCOM
  • Remoting Advantages
  • Remoting Vs web services
  • Creating & Using Remote Applications
  • Understanding Distributed ArchitectureDesigning and Invoking Crystal Reports
  • Datasets and Crystals Reports



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Yes all relevant material would be provided.

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