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40 Days.


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ERP workflow Online Training implements process flow into the system. As per business requirement, documents might need to reviewed (maker – checker) or need to follow a certain flow (invoicing – payments). ERP Workflow Courses delivers a set of process or a customer can build one from scratch – the latter requires additional reporting also since its customized.

ERP Workflow Certification ensures that “the right work in the right order is brought to the right people at the right time”. Every step of a business transaction can easily be checked and the processes are completed from the beginning to the end. It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes that require tasks that need to be performed by people.

Benefits of Attending ERP Workflow Training

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  • Need for Workflow
  • Application of Workflow
  • Introduction to Task, Workflow Template
  • Workflow Builder
  • Various workflow steps
  • Different Macro’s used in BO programming
  • Attributes
  • Data Base Attributes and
  • Virtual Attributes
  • (which Returns BO’s, internal tables, workareas)
  • Methods
  • Synchronous Method
  • Synchronous Method with Result Parameter
  • Asynchronous Method with Terminating Events
  • Instance Independent/Dependent methods
  • Dialog / Back Ground Methods
  • Standard Task
  • Customer Task
  • Workflow Task
  • Creating Task Group
  • Creating General Task
  • Workitem Text
  • Workitem Description
  • BO Attachments (_adhoc_objects_)
  • Workitem Priority
  • Dynamic ParallelProcessing applied to
  • task/SubWorkflows, along with Static Workflows
  • Advance With Dialog option in work item response
  • Conditions
  • Programming Exits with Classes
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Repeated Notifications
  • Escalation Scenarios
  • Logos in work item Display
  • Confirm End of processing option
  • Word document type Attachments (_Attach_Objects)
  • Workflow containers
  • Event container
  • Workflow containers
  • Task containers
  • Method Container
  • Rule Containers
  • Workflow Binding
  • Consistency Check After Transporting to other systems
  • Transporting Agent Assignments
  • Setting Conditions using SWB_COND
  • Using Check Function Modules
  • Workflow Wizards 
  • Event Raising via Different FM’s SWE_EVENT_CREATE,
  • (used in user exit,badi’s,reportsetc)
  • Starting Workflows Directly using FM’s
  • Event Raising via Change Documents
  • Transferring Additional Data along with Events
  • Analysis of how to make use of events raised by
  • Standard ERP
  • Event Trace
  • Simulate trace
  • Event Linkage
  • User Decision
  • Condition
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Loop
  • Send Mail
  • Container operation
  • Fork
  • Process control
  • Wait Step
  • Event Creator
  • Local Workflow
  • Loops
  • Forks
  • Creation of Local Events
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Reserve
  • Forward/Auto Forward
  • Express Notification
  • Dynamic Columns Configuration in Inbox
  • IF_WORKFLOW Interface usage
  • Attributes Creation & Methods Creation
  • Creation of workflows with Classes
  • Using Functional Methods
  • Raising Events via Classes
  • IDOCs with Workflow



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Yes all relevant material would be provided.

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