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Certification Assistance

We are committed to providing quality online education and knowledge to our Trainees with tips and tricks to guarantee consistency for successful completion of certification. Kasha Training Certification Program can benefit trainee to keep pace with the changing marketplace, while expanding their career opportunities.

Corporate Training

Kasha Training helps corporate stay ahead in the race with our online training techniques, unique professional mentoring and industry-best trainers on-board know more

Job Support

We at Kasha Training provide various IT Job Support to professionals across the globe to up the skills of beginners in IT with the ability to solve their Real-time complex project requirements. Those, struggling to survive in the job due to lack of technical abilities or those got a new project and stressed about the work assigned then write to us at support@kashatraining.com

Video Based Training

With our Video Based online learning classes, we help candidates learn at their leisure from the recorded videos courses during the live training session know more


I came to know www.kashatraining.com from Google search and joined for Successfactor Training. In total Successfactor training is very useful, Knowledgeable trainers are the key to success and flexible timing is an added advantage.
Saudi Arabia (Successfactor Training)
Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Joined www.kashatraining.com by friends recommendation for Online Course on Amazon web services. And I personally liked it.
Dubai (AWS Admin Training)
I would recommend Advance Java Online Course from “Kasha Training” to every one who wants to take a deep dive into advanced topics of Java language. During the course each topic is clearly explained and supported by adequate examples.
Advance Java Training
Thank you for a brilliant ERP HCM Online course, I thought all of the session were equally useful, don’t change anything!
ERP HCM Training

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Learn Core Java

The Power of Core Java: A Path to Professional Growth

Java, delivered by Sun Microsystems in 1995, has emerged as one of the most dominant programming languages in the world. The language’s design is rooted in its philosophy of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA), guarantees that Java applications are portable throughout many systems. With its

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What is the scope of SAP Hybris Training

What is the scope of SAP Hybris Training ?

The scope of SAP Hybris training is promising, as it equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to work with SAP Hybris, a comprehensive suite of e-commerce, marketing, sales, and service solutions. Here are some aspects that highlight the scope of SAP Hybris training: Growing

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What is a good career opportunity for core Java training

What is a good career opportunity for core Java training?

Completing core Java training opens up numerous career opportunities in the field of software development and IT. Here are some of the most popular and in-demand career paths for individuals with core Java training: Java Developer/Software Engineer: As a Java developer or software engineer, you

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Kasha Training is one of the world’s leading Online training providers, helping professionals across industries and sectors develop new expertise and bridge their skill gap for recognition and growth in the corporate world.

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