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30 Days.


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ABOUT COURSE Online Training is web application framework developed by Microsoft to build dynamic data-driven Web Application and Web Services. is basically a subset of wider .NET framework. A framework is nothing but a collection of classes. ASP.NET is the successor to classic ASP (Active Server Page.)

ASP .NET Certification framework reduces a large number of lines of code that needed to build large web applications. To build and based web application, the .net framework gives the essential run-time and compile-time platform. ASP.NET Courses is a great framework to use when developing web sites and web applications. It is reliable, fast, easy to use, free and widely known. ASP.NET gives you full control of your development and can be used on any project, big or small.

Benefits of Attending ASP .Net Training

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  • Basics
  • Web Programming
  • Difference Between ASP and ASP.NET
  • Introduction to .NET
  • Understanding the CLR
  • Understanding the Framework
  • Working with Visual Studio 2008
  • Html Server Controls
  • Web Server Controls
  • Basic Web Controls
  • List Controls, Data Controls
  • Adv Controls, User Controls
  • Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS)
  • Inheritance
  • Events and Delegates
  • String Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Working with Collections
  • Work with Generics
  • Memory Management Issues
  • Introduction to Management Studio
  • Working with LINQ
  • SQL Statements
  • Constraints
  • Creating and using Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Transaction Management
  • Creating and Using Triggers
  • Database Programming with ADO.NET
  • Inter operatiability
  • Assemblies
  • Web Programming Concepts
  • Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Dynamic HTML and JavaScript
  • Designing Models of the Web Forms
  • Working with Server Controls
  • Validation Controls in ASP.NET
  • Intrinsic Objects under ASP.NET
  • State Management
  • Data Binding and Reporting
  • Merging contents of a page in Web Forms
  • Caching
  • Mailing with ASP.NET
  • Uploading files
  • Creating Auto changeable Ads
  • Skins and Themes
  • Web Services
  • WPF with C#
  • WCF with C#
  • Working with Reflection
  • Creating Client/Server Applications with Remoting
  • AJAX with ASP.NET
  • Security in ASP.NET Applications Globalization and Localization
  • Create and using the Crystal Reports
  • Context
  • View State
  • Cookie State
  • Session State
  • Session Tracking
  • Application Object
  • Session and Application Events
  • Machine.Config & Web.Config.
  • App Setting
  • Compilation Settings
  • Custom Error Settings
  • Session State Settings
  • InProcess & OutProcess Sesstion States
  • State Server & SQL Server
  • Cookieless Session State
  • Application and Global.ASAX



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Yes all relevant material would be provided.

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