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50 Days.


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Teradata Online Training is basically a database, that is designed to handle analytical queries. The typical analytical queries process huge amount of data and take longer time(say 30 seconds to 1 hour) to execute. So the focus of Teradata DBMS is on scalability, parallel processing and performance (find optimal plan for the query).

Teradata Certification is one of the popular Relational Database Management System. It is mainly suitable for building large scale data warehousing applications. Teradata Courses achieves this by the concept of parallelism. It is developed by the company called Teradata. The Teradata database system is based on off the shelf symmetric multiprocessing technology combined with communication networking, connecting symmetric multiprocessing systems to form large parallel processing systems.

Benefits of Attending Teradata Training

Following are some of the features of Teradata SQL training material −

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  • Teradata Components & Architecture
  • Data Distribution in Teradata
  • Teradata space management
  • Creating tables
  • Temporary tables
  • Parsing Engine(PE)
  • Request and Response Parcel
  • Access Module Processors (AMPs)
  • Benet
  • Data access Handling
  • TD Config Utilities
  • Config and Recon fig
  • Permanent Space
  • Temp Space
  • Indexes
  • Data dictionary
  • Parsing Engine
  • System Views
  • Database Views
  • DBC Users View
  • Indices View
  • The Parsing Engine (PE)
  • 4. The Access Module Processors (AMPs)
  • 5. The BYNET
  • All Temp Tables View
  • Using DBC AMP Usage
  • Using DBC Table Size
  • Logon and Logoff Tracking.
  • Access rights (Auto,implicit,Explicit Rights)
  • Roles and Profiles
  • Creating Roles and Profiles
  • DBC.RoleInfo and DBC.ProfileInfo
  • Database Query Log (DBQL)
  • DBQL Tables and Views
  • Access Logging
  • TD Password Encryption
  • Password Security Features
  • Host Logon Processing
  • Fallback protection /clusters (group of NODES)
  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
  • Cliques (group of AMPs)
  • Session Related Views
  • DBC.sessionInfo Info View
  • Data Access Info Views
  • Access LogRules Views
  • Access Log Views
  • TD Manager Apps
  • TD Dashboard
  • TD Manager Service
  • Starting TD Manager
  • Performance Monitor
  • PMON Main window
  • PMON sessions Screen
  • TD Administrator
  • Locking Logger
  • Starting DB Window
  • Archive and Recovery Statements
  • Recovery vs. FastLoad
  • Invoking Archive
  • Restart Log
  • Archive
  • Database DBC Archive
  • Indexes option
  • Database DBC Archive
  • Archive and Recovery (ARC) Examples
  • Restore
  • COPY
  • Copying Tables



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