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QTP Online Training stands for QuickTest Professional. This tool helps testers to perform an automated functional testing seamlessly, without monitoring, once script development is complete. Tools from a software testing context, can be defined as a product that supports one or more test activities right from planning, requirements, creating a build, test execution, defect logging and test analysis.

QTP Certification is a Functional testing tool, which is best suited for regression testing of the applications. QTP Courses is a licensed/commercial tool owned by HP, which is one of the most popular tools available in the market. It compares the actual and the expected result and reports the results in the execution summary. HP QTP is an Automated Functional Testing tool that helps Testers to execute Automated Tests in order to identify any errors, defects or gaps in contrary to the expected results of the application under test.

Benefits of Attending QTP Training

QTP is one of the tool using which we can automate the software applications.Using simple automated scripts instead of manual tests with certain projects that use websites could be both cost and time effective.An automation specialist is a more highly skilled person than a regular tester, since he/she would already be an experienced manual tester with additional automation skills. 

QTP tool helps testers to perform an automated functional testing seamlessly without monitoring once script development is complete.QTP uses Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) for automating the applications.it’s way of usage, record and play back of tests, object repository, actions, checkpoints, sync points, debugging, test results

QTP (QuickTest Professional )has the following key features:

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  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Overview of Quick Test Professional (QTP)
  • When Automation is needed
  • When Automation is not needed
  • Identify the application under test and its environment
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • Disadvantages of Automation Testing
  • What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry?
  • What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools?
  • QTP IDE, Basic Components in QTP, Addin Manager
  • How does QTP works/Object recognition concept
  • Record a sample Test
  • Prepare the test environment to utilise QuickTest Professional effectively
  • Understand the Script
  • Execution of a Test
  • Enhancement of recorded script
  • Create a basic test from a manual test case
  • Run a test and check for errors
  • Save a test
  • View test results
  • What is Framework?
  • Types of Framework
  • Linear Scripting
  • Structured Scripting
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword Driven
  • Modular Driven
  • Hybrid
  • QTP Classes and Objects
  • Details of OR
  • Types of OR
  • How to create OR
  • Test Object vs. Run time Object
  • Configuring Object identification
  • Object Spy
  • Object Properties
  • Logical Name
  • Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier
  • Smart Identification
  • Compare and Merge options
  • What is Recording Modes?
  • Types of Recording Modes
  • Normal Recording Mode
  • Analog Recording Mode
  • Low Level Recording Mode
  • Define checkpoints
  • Use standard checkpoints
  • Add flexibility to a constant value using a regular expression
  • What is Checkpoint?
  • Why Checkpoint is needed
  • Types of Checkpoint
  • Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints
  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization is needed
  • Types of Parameterization
  • Datatable, Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization
  • How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet
  • What is Action?
  • Types of Actions
  • Methods to import an Action
  • Call to New
  • Call to Existing
  • Call to Copy
  • Regular Expression
  • When to Use Regular Expression
  • How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming
  • Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
  • Completing a Recovery Scenario
  • Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario
  • What is Step Generator?
  • How to generate script using Step Generator
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of using Step Generator



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