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30 Days.


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Master Data Management (MDM) is the controlled process by which the master data is created and maintained as the system of record for the enterprise. PeopleSoft Data Management Online Training is implemented in order to ensure that the master data is validated as correct, consistent, and complete, and—optionally—circulated in context for consumption by internal or external business processes, applications, or users.

PeopleSoft Data Management Certification enables multiple types of analytic workloads to run on the same data, at the same time, new dimension for PeopleSoft Data Management Courses, where wider connectivity, security, managed services and pricing models need deeper consideration, compared with traditional on-premises deployments.

Benefits of Attending PeopleSoft Data Management Training

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    • Data Management Tasks &amp
    • Tools
    • Change Assistant
    • PeopleSoft Database Tables
    • Application Upgrades & Updates
  • Components of Peoplesoft
  • Content Versus Structure
  • Exploring PeopleSoft Databases
  • Tracking various Definition Changes
  • what are Customizations ?
  • Definition of Upgrade Terminology
  • Identification of Databases
  • Identification of PeopleTools Tables affecting System Catalog
  • Building as well as Altering Tables
  • Configuration of DDL (Data Definition Language) Parameters
  • How to use Build Process ?
  • Altering Tables
  • Creating Indexes
  • Triggers and Views
  • How to Run reports of Database Integrity?
  • How to Identify PeopleToolsTables?
  • Exploring and Securing PeopleTools Tables
  • How to Run SYSAUDIT Reports?
  • Documenting Changes &amp
  • Customizations
  • Merging Projects
  • Printing Definitions
  • determination of how various definitions are inter-related ?
  • Searching for various Strings in PeopleCode
  • How to Use Change Control?
  • Identification of components of Change Control
  • How to administer Change Controlling Options?
  • How to set Workstation Preferences?
  • How to copy locked definitions?
  • Locking &amp
  • Unlocking Definitions
  • How to Describe Migration Process?
  • Creation of Upgrade Projects
  • How to Copy Projects to different Databases?
  • Adjusting definitions
  • Validating &amp
  • Reusing Projects
  • Merging Projects
  • How to Copy Projects from and to Files
  • How to use report and compare process
  • running report and compare
  • How to describe compare process?
  • How to Set Upgrade Options?
  • Merging and Comparing Files and Text Definitions
  • Merging and comparing pages
  • Running PeopleCode Merge /Diff
  • How to move Data with the help of Data Mover?
  • How to list data mover syntax and commands?
  • How to export and import data?
  • How to use set commands?
  • Renaming Fields and Records
  • Creating Change Packages Change projects and file references
  • What is Change Packager?
  • How to create Change Package in an Application Designer? Updation of Change
  • Assistant Template
  • Finalizing and testing Change Packages
  • How to Configure Change Assistant?
  • How to Apply Change Packages and to Prepare the Environment?
  • How to Set options of Change Assistant and apply Change Packages



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