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50 Days.


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MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. MSBI MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS) Online Training is one of the ETL tool related to the database side. MSBI is composed of tools which helps in providing best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries.

SSIS is a integration service used to load the data into a single repository from various sources using the inbuilt drag and drop functions. SSRS is a reporting services where we can generate the reports on the collected data through ssis. SSAS This is a analysis service which is used to desgin the cubes. Generally in the data warehouse we have large amount of data to generate the reports.

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  • What is SSIS?
  • Need for SSIS Component
  • SSIS and MSDB Database
  • SSIS and DTS Comparisons
  • Control Flow Architecture
  • Data Flow Architecture
  • Data Pipeline Usage
  • Buffer Space Allocation Rules
  • SSIS Precedence Constraints
  • SSIS Data Types
  • SSIS Variables and Usage
  • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
  • Connection Managers
  • Data Flow Tasks usage
  • Monitoring Data Migrations
  • Handling Enumerations in SSIS
  • SCRIPT Task in SSIS
  • Custom Scripting and Tuning
  • Expressions and Iterations
  • Dynamic Connection Managers
  • Dynamic Scripting
  • Expression Builder Usage
  • Control Flow Breakpoints
  • Data Flow Data Viewers
  • Limitations of SSIS Debugging
  • Column Transformations
  • Combining and splitting data
  • Data Cleansing Operations
  • Managing BLOB & CLOB data
  • Performing database operations
  • Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping
  • MERGE Vs UNION ALL Transformations
  • SORT Vs AGGREGATE Transformations
  • OLE-DB Command Tranformation
  • Data Analytics and Debugging
  • Custom Code Handling
  • SSIS Event Notifications
  • Data Sampling Techniques
  • Type I and Type II SCDs
  • Performing PIVOT operations
  • SSIS Data Profiling Task
  • Configurations and benefits
  • Applying Configuration Options
  • Choosing correct providers
  • Practical Applications
  • System Events and Audits
  • Package Event Handling
  • Container Event Handling
  • Limitations of Event Handling
  • Event Bubbling Escalations
  • Benefit of SSIS Logging
  • Different Logging Options
  • Environment Variables
  • Windows Event Logs and SSIS
  • SQL Server Logging Limitations
  • Choosing correct log providers
  • Managing SSIS Log Providers
  • Package Execution Audits
  • Preparing for Deployment
  • Primary Pre-requisites
  • SSIS Deployment Phases
  • Securing Manifest Files
  • SSIS Deployment Options
  • Verification Techniques
  • File System Deployment
  • Package Execution Options
  • File System Security
  • SQL Server Deployment
  • Package Execution Options
  • Need For Reporting
  • Introduction to Reporting Services
  • Why SQL Server Reporting Services?
  • Three-Phase Life Cycle
  • Reporting Engine Architecture
  • SSRS 2005 and IIS
  • SSRS 2008 and Web Services
  • Configuring SSRS 2005
  • Configuring SSRS 2008 and 2008 R2
  • Report Designer
  • Report Builder
  • Report Manager
  • SSRS Report Planning
  • Using SSIS to extract Data Sources
  • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
  • Optimizing Data Sources
  • Creating Data Sets
  • Configuring Dynamic Data Sets
  • Designing Wizard based Reports
  • Designing Custom Reports
  • Using Tables and Matrix
  • Chart Based Reports and Images
  • Using SSRS Expressions
  • Using SSRS Globals
  • Sub Reports and Usage
  • BUILD and DEPLOY Options
  • Parameters and Dynamic Populations
  • Report Filters in Data Sets
  • Sub Reports
  • Guage Reports
  • Pie Charts and Data Bars
  • Exporting Reporting Data
  • Understanding RDL Entries



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