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A storage area network (SAN) is a network which provides access to Block level storage (Data is stored 4k blocks) It is a high speed network which uses Fiber channel (optical cables ) or Ethernet cables to transfer data between Servers (Initiator ) and Storage Box ( Target). There are many other advantages in using SAN, like you can share a single LUN between servers, thin provisioning will increase the storage efficiency also it is centralized Storage so taking backup will be easy.

SAN Online Training storage solution resolves many of these issues. SAN Certification offers scalability with the ability to add hundreds of additional disks, if required. For many business owners or management teams data storage may not be a visible issue until servers fill up, systems slow down or crash and productivity is compromised. SAN Courses occupies its own network, so performance remains unaffected by any local traffic issues.

Storage Area Network is a type of local area network(LAN) designed to handle large data transfers and bulk storage. SAN’s architecture works in a way that makes all storage devices available to all servers on a LAN or WAN more storage devices are added to a SAN. A Storage Area Network is a high- speed sub-network of shared storage devices.

A SAN typically supports data storage, retrieval and replication on business networks using high-end servers, multiple disk arrays and interconnect technology. Storage Area Network which can be accessed using iSCSI or FC. Suitable for business-critical applications and where high performance is required. SAN is deployed usually in Data centres.

SAN has the following key features:

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  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Networking Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN
  • Identify the key Features and Functions of NetApp Platforms
  • State the advantages of a NetApp Storage System
  • Distinguish between SAN and NAS Topologies
  • Describe the Unified Storage architecture
  • Access the support Knowledge base to obtain software and hardware documentation
  • Understanding Fiber channel protocol
  • Fiber channel Layers
  • Fiber channel components
  • Fiber components Channel topologies & Addressing
  • Identify SAN
    • Access NetApp System Manager to administer a Storage System
    • Identify basic NetApp hardware components including storage system and disk shelves
    • Identify shelf connectivity to a NetApp storage system
    • Identify System and Network connections such as RLM and Ethernet Ports
  • Describe Data ONTAP RAID technology
  • Create an Aggregate
  • Create a Flexible volume
  • Create a qtree
  • Define the function of Snapshot
  • Benfits of Snapshot
  • Understand the switch settings
  • Use Management Tools
  • Create and Delete a Snapshot
  • Identify Interfaces,Network Settings and Components in Data ONTAP
  • Explain NFS on Data ONTAP
  • License NFS on a storage system
  • List the steps to setup NFS
  • Cache management
  • Event Monitor
  • CIFS on Data ONTAP
  • Steps to Setup CIFS
  • Define a LUN and Explain LUN attributes
  • Use NetApp System manager to create iSCSI attached LUNs
  • Access and Manage a Lun from a Windows Host
  • Describe the features of Snap Drive
  • List the factors that impact space
  • Use NetApp System manager to create iSCSI attached LUNs
  • Access and Manage a Lun from a Windows Host
  • Describe the features of Snap Drive
  • Storage System Maintenance
  • Describe message Logging
  • Explain how to enable Auto Support feature
  • Configure and manage the Auto Support service for a FAS System



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