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40 Days.


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ERP Basis Online Training deals with setup of different ERP servers like that of BW or BO or ECC. They are also responsible to maintaining the servers and the interconnection between different ERP servers. It is middle ware programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system. Our ERP Basis Course are responsible for active monitoring of all ERP systems. Keeping ERP servers patched to latest versions.

ERP Basis administrator training is one of the component within ERP software (ERP_BASIS) which includes all the system administration related programs (applications) with which one can maintain ERP software. ERP Basis Certification software is becoming famous day-by-day because of its integration capabilities. It takes care of all the connectivity between present and future technologies easily. ERP Basis supports the ERP modules and applications on all the technical aspects of its smooth functioning.

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  • Introduction to ERP R/3 Basis What is Basis?
  • Introduction to ERP R/3 Client / Server Technology and ERP R/3 Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
  • Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services
  • Introduction to OS Concepts
  • Introduction to ERP R/3 Hardware Concepts : The CPU
  • Introduction to ERP R/3 Hardware Concepts : Storage
  • Available ERP R/3 Platforms – Windows NT
  • ERP R/3 Networking issues
  • Architecture of ERP R/3 Application Server ERP R/3 Application Server Architecture
  • Dialog Server
  • Update Server
  • ERP R/3 Work Process – Overview
  • Managing ERP R/3 Work Processes
  • NW Introduction
  • Components of NW
  • Core Architecture
  • Application servers, Central Instance, Dialog instance
  • ABAP and Java Stacks
  • Message servers, Dispatchers
  • WPs and the types
  • System Landscape
  • Coré Component and functionality
  • NEW Dimensional components and basis introduction of these functionality
  • Modules of ERP components
  • Roles in ERP application
  • Basis introduction to ABAP and T-Codes
  • Basis introduction to ERP technical work flow
  • Layers of ERP Application
  • Pre-requisites for ERP installation
  • ERP installation
  • DB installation
  • Application server installation
  • Front End installation
  • Start and Stop ERP
  • Post installation
  • Hosts and Services files
  • Directory Structure of ERP
    • Client Concept
    • Create clients
    • Prerequisite for Client Copy
    • SCCL and Client Export/Import, Copy Logs and monitoring of Client Copy
  • TMS introduction & configuration
  • TMS functionality and methods to use
  • Support packs and installation
  • ABAP and Java Patching
  • Kernel upgrade/Patching
  • Daily,Weekly and monthly monitoring the system health.
  • T-Codes related to System monitoring.
  • Background Jobs administration
  • Spool architecture and administration
  • Language installation
  • Oss notes and ERP service market place
  • ERP NET uses.
  • Performance tuning methods and implantation.
  • Oracle Database concepts
  • Monitoring Table spaces
  • SAPDBA/BR Tools
  • DB Activities and T-Codes
  • Introduction to BW/BI.
  • Installation of BW/BI and integration with ECC and other backend systems
  • Introduction, installation of SCM and basis integration with ECC
  • Introduction of CRM, SRM, XI, Portal etc and their integration
  • Development (DEV). Testing (QTST). Production ( PROD )
  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • There System Landscape
  • TMS Domain
  • TMS Domain Controller
  • Transport Groups
  • Transport Layer
  • Transport Route
  • Transport Directory
  • Virtual Systems
  • ERP R/3 Repository
  • Size
  • Free Space
  • Growth History
  • Statistics



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